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Name:Country:Type Collection:# Main:# Sharpeners:E-Mail:
aart roelandtthe netherlandsSharpeners-Stroppers333Click to Contact
Alan ZimmerUSSafety Razors1000+350Click to Contact
ami drachisraelSharpeners-Stroppers10Click to Contact
Andrey KolyshenkovClick to Contact
Andrey KolyshenkovRUSSIABarbershop Collectibles10000+ RBWClick to Contact
arne fr. olsennorwayBarbershop Collectiblesrbc 12000Click to Contact
autostropClick to Contact
Becky FitzpatrickCanadaStraight RazorsClick to Contact
BILL HUNTINGTONUSABarbershop Collectibles50076Click to Contact
Bob HallUSAStraight Razors500+10Click to Contact
Brian BinglerUSAStraight RazorsClick to Contact
Coomans PatrickBelgiumSafety RazorsClick to Contact
danny rosculethollandSharpeners-Stroppers15.000 rb200Click to Contact
Dave IrvingUSASafety Razors50+Click to Contact
David BradburyEnglandSafety Razors50+Click to Contact
David HowseAustraliaSafety Razors500+40Click to Contact
David ShippUSABarbershop Collectibles1000+25Click to Contact
Dominique HuetFranceSafety Razors100150Click to Contact
Eddy LUTENBelgiumSharpeners-Stroppers100 +100 +Click to Contact
Eddy LutenBelgiumSharpeners-Stroppers250+250+Click to Contact
Enrique OrschanskiArgentinaSafety Razors450+25Click to Contact
Frantisek NEUBAUERPRAHA41.000Click to Contact
G. JamsCanadaBarbershop Collectibles50+Click to Contact
G200 stroppierClick to Contact
Gary SpeicherUnited StatesSafety Razors35060Click to Contact
geClick to Contact
GilletteClick to Contact
gillette twinplexStropsClick to Contact
Guenther JanischGermanySharpeners-Stroppers700700Click to Contact
GYULA KOROMHUNGARYBarbershop Collectibles1000+100Click to Contact
Hank BelascoUSASafety Razors1000+Click to Contact
haynesClick to Contact
HECTOR QUARANTA DUFFYARGENTINASafety Razors40020Click to Contact
Igor BłażejewskiPolskaClick to Contact
Igor BłażejewskiPolskaClick to Contact
Istvan BOGDANHUNGARYSafety Razors500Click to Contact
J. Vincent RenaldoUSASafety Razors200+10Click to Contact
J. Vincent RenaldoUSASafety Razors200+10Click to Contact
Jakob E.E. PedersenDenmarkSafety Razors15+3Click to Contact
Javier meleroESPAŃASafety Razors250060Click to Contact
Jeff HayesUSASafety Razors550+Click to Contact
Jeff HayesUSASafety Razors550+Click to Contact
Jerry KarlssonSwedenSharpeners-Stroppers15Click to Contact
Jerry RosenthalUSASafety Razors500Click to Contact
JimmiXzSqUSAStraight Razors9690Click to Contact
Jo HavensUSABarbershop CollectiblesBIG50Click to Contact
Johan KarelseThe NetherlandsSafety Razors3000Click to Contact
John MorseUSAStraight Razors14030Click to Contact
John TischlerUSAStraight Razors1,000+59Click to Contact
Jose AlvarezArgentinaSafety Razors800Click to Contact
juvenal hernandez U.S.A.Click to Contact
kathy mowellusaSharpeners-Stroppers22Click to Contact
KyzkepwydrxZxIkVSharpeners-StroppersKBYGWAyrluIJqrAtTDDClick to Contact
LACOSTE Bruno (lba)FranceSharpeners-Stroppers12501250Click to Contact
Marek MazurekPOLANDBezpieczeństwo Razors4.200DUBLET Click to Contact
Margaret MartinU.S.A.Barbershop Collectibles402Click to Contact
Mario IlievBulgariaSafety Razors50+10+Click to Contact
Martin ElshoffGermanySharpeners-Stroppers1110900Click to Contact
masterhoneClick to Contact
michael mcculloughusaStraight Razors150Click to Contact
Mike CriderUSASafety Razors200Click to Contact
milrodClick to Contact
Morten DanielsenNorwaySharpeners-Stroppers200+Click to Contact
MULCUTOClick to Contact
Nigel SharpeEnglandSafety Razors1000+Click to Contact
Nora D.R.G.Click to Contact
Nu-Kut Super HoneHonesClick to Contact
Per DahlstromSwedenSharpeners-Stroppers200+Click to Contact
R.A. Jacquetthe NetherlandsHonesClick to Contact
Radut LazarU.S.ABarbershop CollectiblesAllegro LClick to Contact
Rafael SaenzMexicoSafety Razors15040Click to Contact
RAFAEL SAENZMEXICOSafety Razors25080Click to Contact
Rainer HausgenGermanyStraight Razors35020Click to Contact
Renzo JardellaEnglandSafety Razors4,000 +Click to Contact
Richard AndrewsUnited StatesSafety Razors200+zeroClick to Contact
Richard LefebvreUSASafety Razors200180Click to Contact
ro-sonClick to Contact
Robert Wilkinson LathamUKSafety Razors1505Click to Contact
rollsClick to Contact
RUSS CAREYAMERICABarbershop Collectibles1,000 ?+50+-Click to Contact
S H RAJIINDIASafety Razors200+150+Click to Contact
Sheila MackenzieEnglandSafety Razors500++Click to Contact
stagClick to Contact
Stan HenryUSASafety Razors1000+200+Click to Contact
Theo DoelemanThe NetherlandsSafety Razors35030Click to Contact
tondeuse manuellefrenchBarbershop CollectiblesClick to Contact
twillardGE 1Click to Contact
twillardUSSharpeners-Stroppers1900+1900+Click to Contact
valet vc4Click to Contact
vincentusaSharpeners-Stroppers11Click to Contact
WAYNE ESPESETHCANADASharpeners-Stroppers60+40+Click to Contact
Wayne TaylorCanadaSafety Razors200+50Click to Contact
Wilhelm NeubertGermanySharpeners-Stroppers13501100Click to Contact